Facial Treatments from £28 to £40

Oxyvital Skin Yoga (1hr)
Ultimate hydration and relaxation treatment for all skin presenting areas of dehydration. Skin will instantly feel hydrated and fresh, dehydration lines are refined and a fuller plumper look is clearly visible

Spa Facial (1hr)
Specifically created for skin that requires radiance and vitality. Skins that are exposed to pollution and are dull, grey, tired and asphyxiated with comedones and open pores. Skin will appear more luminous, fresh and radiant.

Seasonal Facial (1hr)
Please ask for details as this facial changes with the seasons
-recommended when you need total relaxation.

Flash Beauty (45mins)
A treatment to provide rapid skin illumination and maximum relaxation Recommended when you need total relaxation and instant radiance of the skin

Pro Peel (40mins to 1hr)
A unique double exfoliation concept incorporating Glycloic Acid and Biological skin peeling products. The facial will bring radiance, refi ne the skin grain and smooth the features.

Hopi Ear candles (45mins)
Experience a unique sense of relaxation and well being, calms the mind, soothes head and ears, aids deep relaxation & combats stress. Includes facial cleanse, tone and drainage massage.

Body Treatments from £21.50 to £65

Delicious Scrub (45mins)
An exotic exfoliation, silky smooth skin prevails

Massage Therapies
Deeply relaxing massage, using pre blended essential oils that will help unwind the mind and de-stress the body. Aiding to alleviate the aching muscles, the tension will just float away.

Full Body Aromatherapy Massage (30mins to 1hr)
(Face and Scalp inc) using Aromatherapy Oils

Full Body Massage (1hr)
Back, Neck and Shoulder (30mins)
Remedial Massage (45min)

Indian Head Massage (45mins)
A specialised head massage based on an ancient healing system to promote relaxation, relieve stress, and awaken the senses, with or without oil.

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